7x8: Hearts Still Beating

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Even though hearts still beat, the villagers of Alexandria feels unhappy with their current present. Negan pays a visit once again and something could result different than expected


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Hey! We're now ready to talk about some key facts and discuss what happens in Hearts Still Beating, episode number 8 of this season.

After all the things that happened, Negan is now at Alejandria, waiting for Rick to return, just to have a friendly talk with him, right? At the same time, people in town divides in two groups. One of them is with Rick and they think the way out is a well-thinked and clever one, no rushes. The other one is ready to leave the place and set up a new plan to take the control back. What do you think will Rick do about this?

As the episode moves forward, Negan gets tired of waiting and things might get really messy and violent. Do you have any idea what he's capable of? One more time, Rick and his peers will have to get over things and learn to live in this crazy and cruel world.

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