7x1: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

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After the events on the season 6 finale, Negan finally kills one of our beloved character: Who is going to be? The death of a protagonist will change Rick's and the rest of the group future forever


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Finally the wait is over! After several months, the first episode of The Walking Dead's season 7 is available. Let's discuss the major (huge we should say) events of the premiere and the impact it had on the audience.

By the end of season six it was pretty clear Negan was going to kill someone. The beginning shows Rick in a very disturbed mood, listening and receiving orders from Negan. By this point we don't know yet who is Negan's target, but a couple of minutes ahead the truth is revealed.

After a random choice, Negan has one certain goal: to kill Abraham. Without much hesitation and right away, the evil leader strikes our beloved character in the head. It was somehow predictable that Abraham could be the one, right? Because of this, the surprising moment occurs when Negan, after saying "Well, let's get back to it", hits Glenn right in the middle of his head. Can you believe that? Maggie's look is one saddest moment of the series so far.

Some interesting facts: the repercussion on the audience was immediate. Actually, if you look up "Negan scene reaction" on Youtube, you will have find tons of footage with people's reactions. On the other hand, after two men down, the list of main characters keeps going down

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