6x4: Here's Not Here

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After the last events, a new face shows up and meets the group. On the other hand, some trust issues emerge


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Here's Not Here is one of the episodes we liked the most on season 6. Why is that? Well, the events in this episode begin with a racconto lead by Morgan while trying to convince one the Wolves to think logically.

Morgan went through some heavy staff, right? He spent a lot of time by himself and handled (just as he could) his son's death. We can't blame him, he did it's best and the think we like the most about him is his intention to stay a good person, with principles and human values. In the flashbacks, he tells the story about Eastman, how the man caught him and how he helped to stay sane.

Do you know what's the martial art Morgan keeps practicing? It's aikido and the main principle is to use your opponent's force in your own benefit. Is this what Morgan usually does?

Interesting fact: if you look and listen closely to the words said by Eastman, you'll notice that Morgan uses that very same words later on the episode when he's sane already.

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