6x2: JSS

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When everything seemed to be normal, a new issue appears threatening the inhabitants of Alexandria.


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JSS is the second episode of The Walking Dead's season 6. In case you don't remember, Alexandria had some security issues in the past and the group is now trying to improve the place's safety

After pushing harder for a while, The Wolves finally enter Alexandria. When a huge truck hits the wall, Spencer kills the guy behind the steering wheel and its body falls over the car's claxon: now a loud and disturbing sound attracts the walkers to Alexandria. Carol takes care of picking all the weapons and delivering them among Alexandria's people while Morgan tries to save as much people as he can.

After a man-to-man battle, things seem better for Rick's group. In this way, Morgan convinces one the Wolves to leave the town along with his people.

Interesting fact: Do you know what JSS stands for? It's "Just Survive Somwhow", basically the new world's philosophy. On the other hand, this is one of the ten episodes in the whole series that doesn't feature Rick

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