6x16: Last Day on Earth

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Rick and the rest of the group must leave Alexandria in order to save one of them. "Last Day on Earth" is the sixth season finale! Enjoy!


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Last Day on Earth is the last episode from The Walking Dead's season sixth. It contains several scenes with a black room and a tiny ray of light: someone has been captured by The Saviors.

Maggie is in pain, and Rick and Carl must take care of her, so the plan is to bring her to a hospital facility. However, on their way to Hilltop, they find the road blocked by The Saviors. After trying several roads, Rick and the rest of group is taken by The Saviors.

Who are Saviors? It's a large group (more that fifty men we can affirm) lead by Negan, a fierce who is willing to do anything to stay powerful. After capturing 11 of Rick's group, Negan claims that one of them has to die. Who will it be?

Interesting facts: the name of the episode reflects the destiny of one of the main characters, as this is definitely the last day alive for one of them. Besides, do you know how Andrew Lincoln (Rick) reacted to the season finale? The day he read the script he couldn't sleep and he arrived late to the set. A major event is coming on next October 23rd.

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