5x9: What Happened and What's Going On

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After what happened at the hospital, Rick and the rest of the group struggle to survive out in the open


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What Happened and What's Going on is the episode starting the second half of The Walking Dead's fifth season. This is what we would like to say about it.

Rick thinks it's time for the group to check the place Noah mentioned to Beth in order to honor the deceased and loved girl. When they arrive to the settlement, things doesn't look similar to Noah's memories: the location is totally destroyed.

Noah and Tyreese head to the house Noah used to live in and something unexpected happens. Noah's brother (now turned into a walker) bites Tyreese in the arm provoking a huge blood loss. While Noah runs for help, Tyreese has allucinations and sees many of the characters we already know. Despite his arm's amputation, Tyreese doesn't make it.

Interesting facts: this is the first TWD episode that doesn't takes place in Georgia. Greg Nicotero made public declarations saying it was logic to think people wouldn't like this episode.

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