5x8: Coda

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Rick will try to find a pacific solution to the conflict he has to face. What will his enemies do?


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Coda is the mid-season finale for season 5. It features one of the most cold blooded killings in the series: after telling him several times not to try to set free, Rick shoots Bob right in the middle of his head.

The situation is complicated as the group losses leverage with Bob's dead. Beth and Carol are being held captive at the hospital and Dawn is willing to negotiate as long as Bob is alive. The group decides to head the hospital and affirm Bob is alive until the last moment. After the deal being done, Dawn asks Noah to stay in the hospital and this is out of discussion.

The most shocking scene happens when Noah decides to remain at the hospital, Beth says goodbye to him and then turns to Dawn. The next thing we now is Beth stabs Dawn, she answers back by killing her and then Daryl shoots Dawn to death. The group is now devastated and leaves the hospital.

Interesting facts: did you know that, in musical language, Coda refers to the last section of a musical piece? This is also the shortest episode of the series, with a length of 40 minutes and about 15 seconds.

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