5x14: Spend

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As they try to secure their new place, Rick and the others face new challenges. Is it as good as it looks?


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Spendis the fourteenth episode of TWD's season 5. We thought about it and we decided tp give your our opinion about this chapter.

Alexandria seems to be a safe and comfortable place for the group to settle. Besides, Abraham has now become an important character as he's the one protecting people (Francine for instance) and doing important things, like improving the wall . To summarize, he's now the leader.

A small group leaves Alexandria for a while to repair the solar energy system. When they're out there, a walker appears and Aiden uses a ridiculous amount of bullets to kill just one enemy. After a huge explosion, Aiden and Noah get bitten by different walkers.

Did you notice the vibe between Rick and Jessie? The ex-police officer will get angry after finding out Pete is hitting his wife, Jessie. On the other hand, Maggie listens to a conversation by chance and discovers Gabriel is against the new people (Rick's group) living in Alexandria.

Funny fact: Did you know that the last five episodes from the series are related to one of Dale's speeches? The words mentioned are remember, forget, spend, trying and conquer.

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