5x1: No Sanctuary

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After the shocking fourth's season finale, Rick and the rest of the group start comprehending Terminus people motives.


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No Sanctuary is the season 5 beginning of The Walking Dead. Moving ahead from the story present, Rick and other group members are inside the train car while Daryl and Maggie try to find Beth after she was kidnapped and taken by some strangers.

The first scene in Terminus is already creepy: Glenn, Bob, Daryl and Rick are taken to a place where Terminus villagers tear bodies apart and then clean them to be eaten. Just when Glenn is about to be killed, gunshots can be heard from the outside

On the other hand, Carol and Tyreese work to rescue the rest of the group. After a successful plan, the people from inside the car train are set free and the whole group leaves Terminus once and for all. In the last scene, Morgan, one of Rick's first friends, appears.

One interesting fact:  this is the season premiere with the highest number of human deaths, being a total of 24.

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