4x4: Indifference

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The supply mission faces hurdles; the situation at the prison worsens. Will Rick be able to keep Carol's secret?


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Indifference is the fourth episode from The Walking Dead's season 4. We would like to share our thoughts with you

When going out for supplis, Rick makes Carol confess what she has been hiding and the woman tells the complete story and how she burned Karen and David's corpses. She also recognizes she has turned into a completely different human being after Sophia's death. Rick can't allow Carol go back to the prison as he consider she's dangerous. Therefore, Carol is out there by herself.

As the group runs short of supplies, Daryl discovers Bob's addiction and confronts him. How he could take those bottles instead of food? I suppose everyone has their own priorities...

Interesting facts: at the gas station, there's a curious detail about the numbers in the fuel machine. Did you notice it's "hell" with inverted numbers?

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