4x14: The Grove

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After settling down in a shelter, the group may find the relative peace they had back in the prison


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The Grove belongs to The Walking Dead's season 4 and we would like to say a few things about the events it contains.

Do you remember Lizzie? Well, she was the one responsible for feeding the walkers, she thought they were just sick people in need of assistance. Therefore, she's algo responsible for Alisha's death and even considered turning into a walker to confirm her theory. Having said this, it's time for you to know it: Carol clearly knows this girl is a threat and do what is needed to be done: she kills Lizzie.

On the other hand, Carol speaks out whas she has been hiding for so much time. Tyreese now knows who is responsible for Karen and David's deaths. Will she forgive Carol?

Extra information: did you suspect that Lizzie was completely out of her mind? In case you didn't notice, Lizzie showed sympathy for the walkers and indifference for humans in several ocassions. For instance, we can name the time she kills Alisha and the Woodbury soldier

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