3x8: Made to Suffer

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Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Oscar go into Woodbury in search of the Governor's hostages. The is a shooting and the group escapes from the town with moderate sucess. Looking for a scapegoat, The Governor blames one of his men an calls him traitor in front of Woodbury's people. A new group arrives to the prison looking for help.


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Made to Suffer is one of the most important episodes of the season as it features a huge fight between Rick's and The Governor's group. The episode starts with a group lead by Tyreese and Sasha siblings trying to survive by the woods.

Glenn and Maggie are The Governor's prisoners and after attacking one of the guys watching on them, their escape attempt fail. Meanwhile, Rick has set up a rescue group and enters Woodbury: gunshots are all over the place and Glenn and Maggie are successfully rescued. On the other hand, Michonne kills The Governor's already dead daughter and stabs him in the eye.

In the prison Carl helps a group of people staying alive inside  as they're attacked by walkers. However, the real action takes place in Woodbury. The episode ends with Woodbury's crowd ready to enjoy a fight to death between two key characters: siblings Daryl and Merle

Interesting facts: a new dead kid turned into a walker appears, she's Penny, The Governor's daughter and reminds of Sophia, Carol's daughter. This episode is also the first appearance of Sasha Williams, a character who will join us for several episodes, even seasons.

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