3x4: Killer Within

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Michonne tries to flee from Woodbury as she thinks something odd is going. Andrea didn't make up his mind about leaving the town and the Governor. Meanwhile, in the prison something happens and the group has to split up in order to clear the place from walkers. It seems that Lori is ready to deliver the baby...


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Killer Within si the fourth episode of The Walking Dead's season 3. We'll know tell you about the most important facts of this episode.

Things were getting better at the prison. Some of the wounded people were healing, food was available and the mood was peaceful. However, the calmness ends when someone decides to take revenge, putting everyone in danger and seeding chaos once again. What will Rick do about it? He might have to take a difficult choise regarding his family and the security of the whole group.

Meanwhile, a part of the group gets closer to the Governor, this strange and empathetic character that seems peaceful and just. Finally, a new member joins the group but, at the same time, someone is going to loss their live and the rest of the group will have to get over it.

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