3x16: Welcome to the Tombs

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Rick and his crew have to decide if the prison is worth defending as the Governor's attack seems to come closer by every moment...


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Welcome to the Tombs is the last episode of season 3 and it contains some brutal scenes. First of all, The Governor punishes Milton for setting the walkers on fire and locks him with Andrea. Before leaving, The Governor stabs Milton and hopes he turns and kills Andrea.

Woodbury's army attacks the prison but the situation is controlled as Rick and the rest of the group's strategy works perfectly. After leaving the place, The Governor kills everyone that refused to participate in the assault. On the other hand, Andrea's situation is just sad as she gets bitten by Milton : the end of the episode shows the shot that finishes Andrea's life. 

Did you know that Andrea's death wasn't planned? It was a last minute decision. We TWD's fans are used to this deaths that come out of nowhere, right? Actually, some crazy fans threatened the show producers as the ending wasn't ok at all.

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