3x13: Arrow on the Doorpost

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Andrea arranges a meeting between the Governor and Rick in neutral territory. As they meet, The Governor isn't in the mood for negotiating, so he orders Rick to set out. He offers Rick a deal: Michonne for leaving them alone.


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Arrow on the Doorpost is one of the most exciting episodes of the season as it features the long-awaited fight between Rick and The Governor.

The two leaders have an intense meeting. We knoe they're both clever and we don't know anything about what could each one of them do. However, The Governor has an offer: if Rick hands him over Michonne (the responsible for his daughters after-death) then the peace is settled. Will Rick put Michonne below the greater good for those he loves?

We can think a little further about some scenes. Did you notice how people from both groups collaborate with each other, even when they're on the opposite side? Peace wouldn't be impossible, it seems.

Interesting facts: the original title for this episode was "Pale Horse" and it was related to one of the four apocalypsis horses. One scene featured Daryl speaking with a white horse but it was finally remove and then the title changed.

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