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The winter was really mean with the crew's survivors, who are trying to find some shelter and supplies. Lori's pregnancy is mature and she's having some issues with Rick. When the group came across with a prison, Rick convinces them to move into the building.


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Seed is the name of TWD's season 3 first episode. The new location is a prison, a new place to live and try to be safe.

The place is full of walkers and the group has a lot of work ahead. The first thing to do is to kill every walker in the prison and check if there are any human beings alive. If that's the case, what should the group do about them? However, the tension rises when Hershel gets bitten and Rick must make a difficult choice: is Hershel's life or Hershel's leg. Oh, oh, i heard something said "amputate"

The episode has some key topics we need to mention. In the first place, everyone wants to have a more or less stable life, so that's a challenge for all. In the second place, Lori is one month from having her baby and the relationship with Rick it's not at its best moment. Finally, Michonne and Andrea must find a new shelter.

Interesting facts: this is, so far, the episode that contains the largest amount of killed walkers with no human casualties at all. Michonne's character starts its development and we have one funny fact: how could the prison grass be so short if no one was staying there?

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