2x13: Beside the Dying Fire

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Once again, a large amount of walkers attacks the group. Who is going to survive?


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The Walking Dead's season two ends with the episode Beside the Dying Fire. The farm that happened to be a safe place is now the most dangerous place as a large group of walkers attacks the place.

We're having some interesting and meaningful events. We can name Shane, Patricia and Jimmy's death. Chaos suddenly becomes the new standard and no one has their life guaranteed. While Rick and Carl hide in the barn, Carol has some bad experience. What happens with Andrea? A mysterious woman with a hood on and two chained walkers saves her. Who is she?

On the other hand, Shane and Randall appear as walkers with no bites at all. How could them be infected if no walkers bit them before? Rick is forced to tell the truth and now the rest of the group that every human being is carrying the virus.

Some additional information: season 3 scenario will center on a prison. Besides, we have a new character named Michonne. Is she already a main character? Finally, Hershel was supposed to die in this episode but the producers didn't agree on this matter

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