2x10: 18 Miles Out

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Shane y Rick deciden qué hacer con Randall. Por otro lado, Beth afronta una difícil situación personal


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

18 Miles Out is one of the most important episodes so far as several problems evolve into new things.

Firstly, Rick and Shane face each other. On one hand, Rick reveals the details about Lori and Shane's affair and blaims his old friend for Otis death. By the end of the episode the two man will finally have the fight they've been waiting for.

Secondly, Beth tries to commit suicide as she's in avery deep depression. Maggie and Andrea argues about Beth's behavior and Andrea is kicked from the farm. What do you think about this? Should Beth be the only responsible for her own life?

Interesting facts: this episode shows that being bitten by a walker is not the only reason to get the disease. So... everybody alive is already carrying the virus?

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