2x1: What Lies Ahead

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Now the group is heading for Fort Benning, but in the middle of trip, Soffia runs off in fear. Now, the group will have to find her


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What Lies Ahead is the first episode of The Walking Dead's season 2. The action begins with the consequences of the last events: after the CDC explosion, the group reunites and leaves Atlanta behind.

As the group leaves the city, everyone realizes how many people tried to leave Atlanta before. The highway is completely stuck, full of cars and corpses. Things get tense when a huge group of walkers appears and tries to kill them all. Sophia finds herself on a very risky situation and Rick tries to help her. However, when Rick finally takes control over the situation, the kid is no longer where she was.

Sophia is missing but the group must stay together and safe. The new shelter is a church and once that everybody is a little more calmed, Dale and Andrea have an argument and Carol confronts the rest of the group

Interesting facts: did you know this is the first episode with no new characters? Also, this is the last produced and written episode by Robert Kirkman and the name (What Lies Ahead) differs from the comic book title.

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