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Dr. Edwin Jenner, a remarcable scientist, is the responsible for putting all the group in danger. Who is gonna survive?


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

The Walking Dead's first season last episode is titled TS-19. The chapter starts with the hospital scene featuring Shane and Rick. Shane has some troubles with taking Rick out of the facilty and is forced to leave his friend behind. All he can do is to keep the door blocked.

Dr. Jenner's experiments give this episode its title. The main question he wants to answer is what is the origin of this disease that makes dead people resurrect and eat other living beings. TS-19 is Dr. Jenner's wife, the test subject for the research he has worked on. The tension increases when Dr. Jenners tells the rest of the group what is going to happen after the countdown finishes: a huge explosion will make all the people inside the building have an instant death.

The real question of this episode is: what is the point of living in a collapsed world full of zombies? What is the horizon you can look to?

Interesting facts: the chat between Dale and Andrea will come back on a episode but with a slight change. On the other hand, Robert Kirkman has confessed this episode is not as good as he expected. He is the director of the show and he is not completely satisfied with the result, he had said he would film it again if he could

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