1x5: Wildfire

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This time, Rick will try to make contact with Morgan. Meanwhile, in the camp, a lot of disturbing events are going to happen


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Wildfire is the fifth and penultimate episode of TWD's first season. Firstly, Rick tries to communicate with Morgan to let him know Atlanta isn't a safe place to go. The city is full of walkers and no one should be there. When Rick arrives to the camp, Shane gets really upset and even considers killing Rick, but he doesn't.

Meanwhile, Andrea tries to overcome her sister's death in the last episode. In addition, the mourning turns even harder as she is forced to kill Andrea once she's turned. Jim reveals that he has been bitten and asks the group to just leave him behind. Finally, the group arrives to the CDCE. What will they find?

Some interesting points: this is the first time the story told in series differs drastically from the comic books. In the written material, Shane dies before leaving the camp. What story do you prefer?

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