1x4: Vatos

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In this episode Rick and the others run into a couple of hostile survivors. In the camp, Jim has a prophetic dream


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Vatos is the fourth chapter of The Walking Dead's first season. The episode starts with a lovely scene with Andrea and Amy: each sister has its own personality and function in the relationship. They both worry about their parents destiny and cry a few tears.

Meanwhile, Daryl is furious as he's just discovered Merle's hand back on Atlanta's rooftop. We have a great and tense scene when Daryl aims T-Dog with his bow and Rick answers to that by pointing a gun to Daryl's head. Back in the camp, Jim seems to be mentally-ill as he keeps digging and digging with apparently no reason.

One of the main events of this episode is the negotiation between Rick and Guillermo regarding Glenn and the group's prisoner. The thing is that Guillermo isn't as bad as it looks like, he just cares for sick people and mantains a first aid facility for old men. However, the tension rises when the group attempts to go back to the camp and fails as the van they used is missing: it seems that Merle took it. Vengeance, maybe? The episode ends with a massive walkers attack and we loss an important character: Amy.

Interesting facts: "vato" is they way some people from Latin America use to call young people. On the other hand, the lake in which the boat scene is shot is located in Bellwood Quarry. Finally, we can tell you one edition mistake: after being attacked by Shane, Jim loses his hat. However, in the next scene, he has the hat on the head

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