1x2: Guts

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After entering Atlanta, Rick is trapped inside a building with other survivors, one of them called Andrea


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Guts is the second episode of The Walking Dead series. Let's overview the main events.

In Atlanta, Rick manages to leave the war tank and avoids the walkers thanks to Glenn's help over the radio. After entering a safe place, Rick meets Andrea, Morales, Merle and T-Dog. You'll see a tense moment between the last two of them and Merle will end up being handcuffed on the rooftop.

On the other hand, back in the camp, Shane and Lori share an intimate moment and Amy worries about her sister. Dale, the old man who is looking after the camp, receives news from T-Dog and the situation in Atlanta.

Some interesting facts: the episode title is directly related to what all the characters are seeing on the walkers. However, if we're a little bit more specific, human guts is what Rick uses to camouflage and move between the walkers wihout being noticed. Finally, Andrea's story in the series differs from the comic books as in the last one the woman doesn't have any knowledge about fire weapons

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