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In this episode, Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes in an hospital full of zombies. After meeting Morgan and Duane, Rick starts the search of his wife and son


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Hey there! We're glad you just started watching The Walking Dead. We want to let you know that the series is based on a previous comic book that you should definitely check. Days Gone Bye is the series first episode and it introduces the story of Rick Grimes, a police officer that awakes on a hospital bed after being shoot with his partner Shane Walsh.

Rick is totally confused as he wakes up and doesn't know the location of Lori and Carl, his wife and son. Besides, the city is full of zombies. What are zombies? People that died and then turned into something else, something new. They're not the same, they're just desperate for flesh.  As the episode moves forward, Rick meets Duane and Morgan Jones and finds out there is a refugee camp in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Lori and Shane are now a couple. Is Rick going to know anything about this?

When arriving Atlanta, everything looks normal. Suddenly, the zombies appear and Rick is forced to hide under a military tank. Once inside, Rick is able to listen a radio broadcast and contacts with another living human.

Interesting facts about this episode: the episode is titled "Days Gone Bye" as this is the name of the first six volumes of the comic book. It express the feeling of the time that has already passed: Rick was in coma and things are not going back to normal. On the other hand, take a closer look to the military equipment used in the episode and you will realize it's not real at all

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